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The origin of Lord Ganesha's sculptor

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

"Om refers to the origin of the alphabet, the attainment of the alphabet"

Wood carvings in india
wooden Ganapati sculpture

Om is the source of all sounds. This is the so-called pranayama. The pranava sound of om that is A.U.M. Om refers to heredity, the world and the tree emerges from the seed and grows in the multiplies of Omkara. So the sculptor who saw that the most similar shape of the line form of om was the face of an elephant. Simulating the shape of om which consists of the combination of the head, the short limbs and the ear, which all create the hymns (the religious song to praise the god).

Forehead, plump, body, legs, three eyes, four arms, ivory in

the lower arms varadam all these clashes in the hymn which is also known as

Pranava Murthy and Omkara Murthy. This form is revered as the form of kunapraman, which embodies the supernatural, the powers of creation, preservation and destruction. And it is worshipped by Shiva of the profession.

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