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  • If you purchase under furnished category, we pack all statues in a 7 ply triple wall cardboard box. Then this foam assembly will be covered by crushing  paper for artwork.

  • If you purchase under semi furnished, custom order category, shipping charges & packing method will vary depending on the weight of product & destination distance. Shipping of the product is carried internationally. We assure the product will be delivered minimum 7 to maximum 9 working days.

  • If you’re in doubt about the best way to package your artwork for shipping, please feel free to contact us to Or call us @ +919944991702.

  • Our business hours are

             Monday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm;

             Saturday –  8 am – 7 pm;

             Sunday – 9 am – 4 pm;

             (No Work On Public Holiday)

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