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Our family has been in wood carving work for 200 years and counting....

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

We feel  this  more as a passion rather

Than a work that has been passed to us from our great  great grandfathers.

We do not call this as a family business rather  a Societal work, as many families around us are meeting their livelihoods by doing this job and customers are meeting needs....

In the late years, we started this work in carpentry focusing on high-quality wooden doors, windows, cots, and other cabinetry works. Later our focus moved to more appealing and artistic religious and non-religious works by

making idols of all god, goddess, Kodi Maram or Dwajasthambam (it's a flagstaff that can be noticed across all south Indian temples), majestic wooden chariots to carry idols in and around temples. We also make all kinds of beautiful wooden artifacts to make your home look aesthetic and appealing

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